Kingdom Empowerment Life Ministries

As a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, we have a government (kingdom) established by our King (God); and this government has returned to earth on the shoulders of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:6). Within this government is a constitution (Bible), which has all the laws and principles for us to meditate on day and night as citizens and ambassadors in God’s kingdom.

My wife and I realize that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ, do not know their purpose in life. They are still searching for something that is already here. Attending “church” Sunday after Sunday with the same religious form and fashion of what we believe is a “good time”. But they find themselves in many instances right back to square one.

The revelation occurred to me that Jesus preached one gospel, and that is the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 4:17, 23; 10:7; 24:14; Luke 10:9). Even John the Baptist preached the same message in Matthew 3:2.

In Matthew 24:14, Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world……” Jesus knew there would be other forms of the gospel preached: prosperity, deliverance, prophetic, healing, and so forth. All these are fine to preach and teach when presented as principles and laws of how and why God wants them done in His kingdom here on earth.

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