Andre D. Fullwood Sr.

fullwoodAndre’s passion is towards those who’ve been beat up in the church. Not physically but mentally abused by sheep, pastors, and those in authority (misused authority). He has been where they have been; yet He would not let their abuse of power control his destiny.

Many believers don’t know their “God’s-worth” through Christ. Self-worth can vary based upon emotions and the change of seasons. “But God’s-worth” comes with many benefits. Working on a job with a salary is not your “self-worth”. Your salary can actually be increased if your boss desires to do so. However, with “God’s-worth” what He has belongs to you! He is a God of more than enough.

Andre’s evangelistic style of teaching and preaching is straight forward with symplicity. He can speak before educated audiences as well as to the blue collar worker and youth.

Andre believes there’s a book hidden inside all of us; and the world is ready to read it! He will push you into your God-ordained destiny; motivate you when naturally it seems impossible; and mentor you for added support and guidance.